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Angela is critical care nurse with a passion for restoring her clients to the  perfect health. She has a special knack for putting smiles on the faces of kids at local children’s hospitals and the less fortunate during her free time.

Hey There! I'm Angela

Angela Roque also known as “ Your favorite Nurse!” is a seasoned ER and Trauma Registered Nurse and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Her years in the medical and fitness field has been the building blocks into her becoming one of the most diversified health, fitness and lifestyle CEO’s. 

Currently master stroking all avenues in the nursing field as she continue to enhance my knowledge and growth in her current journey of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2022. 

She is a former standout Allstar and Collegiate Track, Cheer and Dance Athlete where she cultivated her love for these sports. With her combined experience and love for health, fitness and lifestyle, She formulated many initiatives which include, CMXI Fituation, Lady Bearcats, Goal Friends, CMXI Nurse Bar and The Daily Elite Mom.

Angela wears multiple hats, but she rocks her daily crown as a mom to a talented young beautiful girl, wife to my college sweetheart and fur-mom to my blue-eyed Husky first. 

Through her many platforms, she continues to be a force to be reckoned with as she continuously strive to be an empowering game-changing advocate and role model in the community. .

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Aleicia Mitter

I’ve been to Angela’s workout social and i honestly have to say it was a GREAT experience. It was much a motivating event. Everyone was so nice and super supportive. At the end of we all sat and talked about our goals. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Amy Michael

Highly recommend Angela if you want real results, no sugar coating necessary she’s tough BUT time flies and you don’t realize how long you’ve been working out because she also makes it fun and educational. Love her and have been working with her for my post baby snatch back!